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Old 08-30-2010, 05:57 AM
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Default Flash Fiction Challenge Ubud Festival


Rules & Prizes

Flash Fiction has a specific format. It must be prose, it must have a storyline - a narrative with plot development and a resolution.

All entrants and voters are encourage to familiarise themselves with the flash fiction format. A good place to start:


:: Rules of Entry ::

1. Word count (not including the title) is limited to NO MORE THAN 350 WORDS. Entries with more than 350 words will be disqualified.
2. The competition is open to anyone, of any age, in any country.
3. You may enter as many times as you like.
4. All entries must be the original work of the entrant.
5. Entries must NOT have been previously published in any medium.
6. You may enter in either English or Bahasa Indonesia.
7. All entries will be moderated by the content administrators. Their decisions on compliance with rules is final. There is no appeal procedure.
8. The administrators reserve the right not to publish online any entries deemed obscene or offensive.
9. You must register to enter, and registration information must be truthful.
10. copyrights are retained by the authors.

:: Judging Process ::

1. The top 12 will be determined by popular vote on this website.
2. Anyone can vote for or against one or more entries, but you may vote only once for each entry.
3. Fraudulent voting may lead to the disqualification of an entry.
4. A jury consisting of flash fiction experts and festival programmers will determine the 2 winning entries from the top 12 – one in Indonesian, one in English.

:: Prizes ::

1. The 12 entries receiving the most votes on the website will be published and circulated in a flash fiction zine, Kilatzine, during Festival dates.
2. Each of the 2 winning entries (one in Bahasa Indonesia; one in English) will receive complimentary 4 Day Passes to the 2010 Festival.
3. Each of the 2 winners will be invited to participate in the judging of the 2011 Flash Fiction competition.

How it Works

Anyone can enter, everyone can vote.

The rules are simple: submit your best work in 350 words or less. We accept entries in either English or Bahasa Indonesia.

Entries are posted here on this website, and the audience votes. At the end of the contest, the 12 entries with the most votes win the popular choice, and go into a zine to be circulated during Festival dates. It’s that simple.

Then a team consisting of flash fiction experts and Festival repesentatives will determine 2 winning entries from the top 12 – one in Indonesian, one in English. These winners will receive a 4 day pass to the 2010 Festival, and will be invited to join the panel of judges for the 2011 Flash Fiction Challenge.

The contest opens 17 August and runs until 24 September. Winners will be announced on 1 October — just in time for the Festival!

* To get started, Register now!

"Tinta itu hitam, Jenderal."

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Old 08-30-2010, 10:36 AM
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Aaaaaa anka nolnya tambah satu kek wkwkwkwkwk
"Writing does not cause misery. It is born of misery."
--Michel de Montaigne

"Creating is also a way of extending yourself. Your writing, or your art, or your company – all these things add to you worth, and the right creations fuse and compound over time. Think of it like buying shares in yourself."
--Oliver Emberton

"Don't fear god,
Don't worry about death;
What is good is easy to get, and
What is terrible is easy to endure."
-Tetrapharmakos of Epicurus-
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Old 08-31-2017, 10:04 AM
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Default comment dan replay

kapan ya ada festival seperti ini lagi ya

Dapatkan informasi harga manekin setengah badan secara lengkap di toko Gesunde Medical Persada
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